Your deposits are insured!

Mirax Capital LP has signed an investment insurance agreement with a leading insurance company.

Our company Mirax Capital LP is engaged in investing and buying shares of various companies, cryptocurrency trading, as well as investments in precious metals and attracts individuals to invest in through a worldwide network. Numerous investments from individuals and legal entities that are accepted directly through our official website are used to purchase new shares and strengthen our company’s market position.

Over several years of efficient operations, the capitalization of our company has grown by more than 1300%. Significant investments (short, medium and long term) bring large dividends and high interest rates for all partners and investors.

High volatility of the investment market always carries great risks, but also allows you to earn more.

Therefore, one of the main priorities for Mirax Capital LP is the full protection of our customers' investments in the event of possible loss-making transactions, or due to force majeure circumstances that are not dependent on the actions of the Mirax team.

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Our company’s specialists developed a comprehensive
risk minimization strategy, including investor deposit insurance.

In order to protect the financial interests of our investors and to increase the security of deposits, Mirax Capital LP entered into an agreement with a leading European insurance company in the amount of $ 7,500,000

According to the terms of the investment insurance agreement, upon the occurrence of the event provided for in the agreement, the Insurer is obligated to compensate the investors for Mirax Capital LP for losses incurred as a result of this event, related to the failure to receive the expected income within the insurance amount specified in the agreement.

The insurance object is the property, financial interests of the Insured Mirax Capital LP and its investors related to possible losses (loss of investments, profits, additional expenses, etc.) during the implementation of investment activities as a result of one or more of the following events:

  • War, civil unrest, mass disorder in the country of investment;
  • Unforeseen action by the state body of the investing country, preventing for at least 180 (one hundred eighty) calendar days, unless otherwise specified in the insurance contract, the conversion into freely convertible currency and the transfer of invested capital from the investing country to the investor.
  • Bankruptcy Mirax Capital LP .
  • An event that occurred during the investment period of specific projects and occurred as a result of the bankruptcy of enterprises and organizations that are confirmed by a court or other procedure provided for by the legislation of the country of investment.

An insured event is the fact of the occurrence of one or more insurance events specified by the Contract and causing loss to the Mirax Capital LP Policyholder and its investors with the occurrence of which the Insurer is obliged to make insurance payment.

The Insurer provides the Insured Mirax Capital LP and its investors with insurance cover in the event of events stipulated in the Contract that entail:

  • Losses related to the loss of property and financial values used by the Insured Mirax Capital LP as an investment;
  • Loss of income (additional expenses) during the implementation of the investment project Mirax Capital LP;
  • Additional expenses for clarification of the circumstances and degree of guilt of the Insured Mirax Capital LP, as well as for the reduction of losses caused by the insured event;
  • Costs incurred by Mirax Capital LP Insured.

The insurance contract comes into force and becomes binding on the parties from the moment of signing on April 21, 2020.

Now, the security of our investors' deposits is guaranteed by a leading European insurance company. You can be sure that upon the occurrence of any insurance event specified in the contract, your funds invested in our project will be reimbursed from the amount of the insurance fund.

Invest in quality assets and get a steady income with Mirax.