Investment Instructions

Everything is much simpler than it sounds!

Register and earn in leading sectors of the market without knowledge and experience!

Get acquainted
with company and
register. Before that,
study our offer.
Top up your balance
and choose the
type of deposit that
you like
Withdraw profit and
watch out growth
of his capital
every day!

Detailed instructions

1. How to register on the site and make a deposit?

Go to our website, read it and our investment offer, how we work and how we make money, reviews of satisfied customers about our work and other things that interest you. You can proceed to the process of creating an account by clicking the button «Registration».

2. Data Filling Registration Process.

Before registering, you can read the terms and conditions of use of our site. In the registration form, specify the username, enter the email address and password. After that we enter the code from the picture and put a tick in the checkbox. After clicking the "Register" button, your account will be successfully created.

3. The process of creating a deposit step by step. Stage One.

After registration, you will automatically go to your personal account. Click on the "Fund Your Account" button to proceed with making a deposit. Or any other button that is indicated by the arrows in the image below.

4. The process of creating a deposit step by step. Stage Two.

In the new window that you switched to, select a payment, specify the amount and tariff, then press the button "Create deposit" and pay via wallet. After the payment process, your deposit will be automatically automatically created, the accrual depends on the investment package you have chosen. Congratulations, you have taken a big step towards profit and created your first deposit.

5. The process of creating a new deposit, but with funds from the balance sheet, or reinvestment.

If your deposit is finished and you want to create a new one, for the money that you have on your balance, go to the section«Reinvestment». Select there a payment system on the balance of which there are funds, select an investment plan, and click the "Create" button. After that, your reinvest will be successfully created.

6. Withdraw funds to your payment system, how to do it? Stage One.

Before withdrawing funds, check that you have completed payment details . To do this, go to the appropriate section . Enter the numbers of your wallets, and click the "Save" button.

7. Withdraw funds to your payment system, how to do it? Stage Two.

In order to withdraw funds, press the button "Withdraw funds" . It will allow you to create an application for sending money from the balance to the wallet. In it we indicate the standard data - payment and amount. After the specified data, click the "Create" button. On the page that opens to you, you will see the details of the withdrawal request, click the button, click the "Confirm" button. Done withdrawal request successfully created. The withdrawal procedure is 72 hours, usually the money is credited to the balance of your payment system within 6 hours.