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About us

Mirax Capital LP invests in the precious metals market. We act as a trading company and are also engaged in wholesale trade in precious metals. Our company is officially registered in the UK, and fully complies with all international investment requirements.

By accumulating investor funds and forming venture capital for the so-called “alternative investments”, we get the necessary resource to generate maximum profit. Since the special analytical department of the fund carries out a deep and multifactorial market analysis. We filter out the most risky investment objects and minimize losses, many times compensated by successful investments.

In order to increase working capital, the management of the Mirax Capital LP fund decided to use an alternative lever to attract investment. Recently, our investors and strategic partners (limited liability companies) can become not only legal entities, but also individuals, without presenting high requirements for the candidacy of an investor. A flexible policy on the international investment market and an effective management structure of our company make it possible to balance the interests of small and large investors and provide them with equally comfortable conditions for cooperation.

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